MCDONALD'S in Chirk has reopened to the public after a month-long refurbishment.

Last month, the McDonald's restaurant in Chirk, situated just off the A5 Halton roundabout, announced it would close for a five-week refurbishment and would reopen at the end of October.

The chain reopened yesterday (October 31) following a restaurant redesign which promises to deliver a better customer experience for all.

A McDonald's spokesperson said: "The restaurant is one of the first in Wales for a 'Convenience of the Future' redesign.

"With consumers increasingly looking for greater speed, efficiency and choice when ordering their food, McDonald’s ambitious ‘Convenience of the Future’ restaurant revamp programme combines a new restaurant layout with the latest technology to create a more seamless and enjoyable experience for customers.

"While the traditional walk-in and Drive-Thru remain core to how our customers order, the redesign of McDonald’s kitchens and dining areas as part of Convenience of the Future will better integrate digital sales channels, the McDonald’s App and make smarter use of internal space to enhance the dine in experience."

Gary Whitebread, Operations Consultant, said: “I’m proud to reinvest in our Chirk Retail Park restaurant! It’s exciting to see the fresh new look and feel of our Chirk Retail Park restaurant.


"I’m confident that this new look as well as the changes behind the counter will not only benefit our customers but also our staff who have all been very complementary about the changes behind the scenes that will make their job a little easier.”

With dedicated areas for the different ways to order, along with the removal of the front counters, the revamp will offer a more efficient way to order and will leave customers with more space to enjoy their meal.

McDonald’s introduced Convenience of the Future upgrades in 200 restaurants in 2022 with 800 planned over the next four years.

The upgrades will continue to evolve with new innovations launching throughout the next four years.