A POTENTIAL source of a "rotten egg" smell in a Wrexham village has been identified by Natural Resources Wales.

Concerns have been raised by residents in Johnstown following an increased smell in the area in the past few weeks. 

The 'atrocious' smell came about in the middle of October but has continued to frustrate local residents, who had their say on the matter on social media. 

One said: "What's causing that atrocious stink in Johnstown?"

Another added: "It smells like rotten eggs."


Natural Resources Wales has now provided an update on the ongoing smell, stating they had hopefully identified the source and were working to resolve the issue.

James McClymont, NRW Team Leader Industry & Waste Regulation in North East Wales, said: “We have identified a potential source of the odour that is related to essential temporary works, and we are speaking to the site operators to achieve a swift resolution.     

“NRW officers have visited the area daily over the past week and will continue to do so in response to any new incident reports.”

Councillor David A Bithell had been inundated with complaints from residents over the smell and has welcomed the potential resolution. 

He said: "I am pleased that NRW has identified the source from the site. However, the site operator needs to appreciate and understand the significant impact this has had on the local and surrounding communities for the past few weeks. I hope this is addressed without further delay."