HALLOWEEN is once again upon us - and with that will no doubt come some spooky tales being told across the country.

And, while trick or treaters knock on doors, we've been (bravely) dipping into our archives this week to discover some of our scariest stories from down the years.

The Leader itself is celebrating its 50th birthday this week and, during that time, we have covered plenty of tales to send a shiver down your spine.

We've uncovered five of the spookiest stories we can find and compiled them below. 

So grab some popcorn, or hide beneath the sheets, as you read them!

1. Family quits 'most haunted house in Wrexham'

First off, let's take a trip down memory lane back to this spooky story from 2011.

Back then, Martin and Jayne Jones had decided that enough was enough after they and their four children had witnessed continual 'strange happenings'.

At the time, their Brynteg home was dubbed 'the most haunted in Wrexham'.

From footsteps on the staircase when they were all in bed to apparitions and chairs being moved on their own, this story was an unforgettable one for all the wrong reasons.

You can read more on it here.

2. Ghost caught on camera in Buckley?

Fast forward to October 2019 with this one, when staff at the Tivoli nightclub in Buckley believed they had made a truly paranormal discovery.

A CCTV clip on the floor above the venue's stage captures a mysterious white figure dart across the screen and veer off camera.

The venue has been a hive of reported paranormal activity, and is said to be haunted by the ghost of a sinister old man.

You can watch the CCTV footage of that incident here and judge for yourself!

3. A ghost at Flint Castle?

The Leader: Was this eerie photo evidence of a ghost haunting Flint Castle?

A man took the photograph during a visit to the castle with his young son on August 16, 2021.

When he looked at the photos after returning home he was shocked to see what looked like a figure on the grassy area in front of one of the castle walls.

Read more on that story - and find out what a paranormal investigator had to say on it - here.

4. The 'blue man' of Higher Shotton ...

This terrifying tale dates back to the 90's, but was told via a podcast earlier this year.

The story was told on series three, case one of the hit paranormal podcast 'Uncanny' on BBC Sounds, which is presented by Danny Robins.

A former Flintshire resident, known only as Sarah, detailed her spooky experiences on the podcast's latest episode.


Sarah, who now lives in Manchester, moved into a new house in Higher Shotton alongside her mum in 1999.

Sarah tells of a particular re-occurring dream she had of a blue man stood in the corner of her bedroom. 

Not so scary at first perhaps - but the story takes a much darker turn when her friend also experiences the same vision.

5. Wrexham's real life ghostbuster!

The Leader: Reverend Jason Bray, who is based at St Giles' church in Wrexham.

Many people will now know of Wrexham's real-life 'exorcist' aka Deliverance Minister Jason Bray by now.

He is part of a team of eight people across the Diocese of St Asaph (covering from Llandudno to Newtown) who banish spirits from people's homes.

They tend to go out in pairs and take care of about 12 cases a year.

This time last year, the Leader spoke to Rev. Bray about his ghostly experiences and they certainly didn't disappoint (but did leave us unable to sleep for a night or two!).

Got a spooky story you would like to share with us this Halloween? If so, email arron.evans@newsquest.co.uk