By Susan Perry, Regional Editor

FIFTY years have passed since readers first received their copy of what was then called the Evening Leader.

What a different world it was then and this newspaper was launched on the back of a national boom that quickly turned to bust!

The country’s economy was a hit and miss affair, sound familiar?, and while huge leaps were being made in technology it was also a terrible era of interminable strikes, the delights of the three-day week, power cuts and bankruptcies.

It was a tough time for business and many of the early big stories we covered were about jobs – whether coming or being lost.

Over the years that world has been transformed, but the Leader today still battles to do what it has always done – to keep our readers informed and entertained. A newspaper is never just an anonymous product – it has a heart and a soul and our aim over the long years has always been to bring you the very best news and sports package every day with the emphasis very much on what’s LOCAL.

From starting in Wrexham we quickly extended our boundaries to Flintshire.

Each area has always had its own local pages, while also sharing the overall appeal of the total Leader package.

But what makes our newspaper really matter is you... your life, your interests, your opinions are what made us what we were and what we now are.

You are what allows us to reflect the daily life of the communities we serve accurately.

And as we celebrate our birthday at 50 we can't thank you enough for sticking with us.


Technology has indeed changed since the early days but our real ambitions remain as they always have been. We are a part of the communities we serve and our relationships with those in each of our areas – readers and advertisers – is ongoing.

We have moved into an online/digital world and much of our content is now read in that environment including a number of social media platforms – but whatever the platform, our aim is to deliver a publication of quality. You really are valued as a reader and

We really hope that you will continue to enjoy the Leader for many years to come.

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