A PHOTOGRAPH taken at Flint Castle could be evidence of the paranormal.

A man took the photograph during a visit to the caste with his young son on August 16.

When he looked at the photos after returning home he was shocked to see what looks like a figure on the grassy area in front of one of the castle walls.

The Leader: A close up of the 'figure' captured by a photographer at Flint CastleA close up of the 'figure' captured by a photographer at Flint Castle

He passed it on to Lynn Murphy, who has been investigating ghost and UFO sightings at locations like Wepre Woods in Flintshire for several years.

Lynn, of Flint, said: "He told me there was nobody else there inside the castle at the time and he took lots of photos of his son.

"When he got back to his home in Flint, he looked at the photoshe had taken and noticed something in the background of one of the photos. He zoomed in more and got the shock of his life.

The Leader: The photo of Flint Castle taken on August 16, 2021.The photo of Flint Castle taken on August 16, 2021.

"I believe it is an apparition."

Lynn thinks the photo might show a replaying of a moment from a previous time.

She believes it shows the figure of a woman, possibly holding a book in her arms, but wants to investigate the site further.

She added: "What I will do now is go back to the castle and take more photographs.

"I have taken photos there before that have shown blurring, so I think there is some kind of energy there."

She hopes that other people who were there on the day or who may have seen something unexplained at the castle will comment on the story.

Lynn has also shown the photograph to UFO investigator Russ Kellett who is coming to Flintshire to investigate the many strange happenings in the region.

The Leader: Lynn Murphy and Russ Kellet will investigate further at Flint CastleLynn Murphy and Russ Kellet will investigate further at Flint Castle

Russ, who recently published his new book E.T. Rider, is working on another volume about events in North Wales, including the infamous Berwyn Mountains incident.

Of the Flint Castle photo, he said: "It is one of the best photos of its kind that I have seen, and I have seen a lot. There is definitely something there, whether it's a figure of a man or a woman. As always when dealing with the paranormal, you can't quite put your finger on it."

Flint Castle is the earliest of Wales’ English-built castles, founded as part Edward I’s campaign against Llywelyn ap Gruffydd. Building work began in 1277 and the castle was largely completed by 1284.

  • Russ Kellett will be talking about his book E.T. Rider as well as strange encounters and sightings in North Wales at GT's Bar and Grill, Connah's Quay, from 9pm on Thursday, September 9. To book a table call 01244 811122.