A SPECIAL CARD has been organised for Ryan Reynolds' birthday to 'repay some of the inspiration and happy times' he has provided for Wrexham to date.

Deadpool star Ryan took over as co-chairman of Wrexham AFC alongside friend and fellow actor Rob McElhenney in February 2021.

Since then, the Reds have been on an incredible journey and ended 15 years of hurt to return to the English Football League as National League champions just last season.

That story - and the impact it has had on the Wrexham community - has been showcased via the Welcome to Wrexham documentary which has grabbed attention worldwide.

Ryan turns 47 years old on Monday (October 23) and a special birthday card has been organised to 'repay' him for what he has done for all things Wrexham.

And, the card itself - which can be signed here - was a brainwave by James Grundy, who lives in Reading.

Speaking to the Leader, he explained: "I’m not from the area but I fell in love with Wrexham’s story after seeing how someone using their status, belief and a little kindness can have such a huge effect on a community.

"I am a (mainly remote) fan and have enjoyed following the team’s progress closely. I think many football fans like me love a good story like this and feel grateful to Rob and Ryan for the positive effect their investment had, not just on Wrexham but the whole of the National League too!"


James added: "I wanted to celebrate the most joyful, positive story in football at a time when the world feels pretty bleak. And of course, just as a way to say thanks to Ryan (and Rob) without being able to speak to them in person.

"Rob and Ryan’s passion for the club and town is infectious. It has definitely rubbed off on me. I hope people like this card as a way to say thanks and repay some of the inspiration and happy times Ryan’s fostered - everyone needs a little happiness these days!"

James says he hopes that Ryan will get to see the card in person and he will be delivering it to Wrexham AFC on the day of Ryan's birthday.

He added: "I took the card round the Wrexham area and the response has been great. One pub said if I can’t get it to Ryan that they would try as he drinks there sometimes.

"I’m also hoping the kindeo.com team might even take it up and help, as I did some interning for them, and they would be amazed to see this. I’m also going to post it to the club on the actual day too. Whatever happens - the bigger it gets, the more likely he’ll see it and hopefully reply to everyone involved.

"I’d like just to say Ryan (and Rob), if you read this, hats off! You’re an inspiration to me and a lot of my friends. And this is our small way of saying thanks."