WITH Ryan Reynolds' birthday coming up next week, it got us thinking about what surprises Rob McElhenney might have in store for him this time around.

The pair have become the very best of friends since taking over as Wrexham AFC co-chairmen in February 2021.

And they've enjoyed some very memorable moments together so far too - including celebrating the Reds' promotion back to the English Football League.

But with great friendship, comes great banter and these two often reserve the best of that for each other's birthdays.

Deadpool star Ryan is turning 47 years old on Monday (October 23) - and we're almost certain that Rob will provide a surprise of some sort.

As mentioned, the pair have history when it comes to making memories on birthdays.

It all started when Ryan unveiled a 'commemorative urinal' at the STok Cae Ras for Rob's 45th birthday two years ago.

That came complete with a plaque and a picture of Rob's face, as Ryan recorded a video of the unveiling ceremony.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia star Rob responded to that by one-upping Ryan with a blimp unveiling at Wrexham's home ground.

The 'Ryan Reynolds Memorial Blimp' - which featured in season two of Welcome to Wrexham recently - featured Ryan's 'Deadpool' face on it.

The sequence of winding each other up continued when Ryan composed a song for Rob's 46th birthday back in April.

The catchy tune makes light-hearted fun of the way people have attempted to say “McElhenney”.

It's a name that Ryan says, "while ways to massacre and mispronounce it there are many".

Well - it looks like it's now over to you again then Rob!