WILL Ferrell, Anthony Forde and Ben Foster all featured in the latest episodes of Welcome to Wrexham this week.

Episodes eight and nine of the hit docu-series were aired in the UK on Wednesday (October 18) labelled 'The Grind' and 'The Glove Triangle'. 

This week's episodes covered Wrexham's intense run in the National League during February, playing nine games in the space of a month. 

It also covered the goalkeeper's union and the arrival of a certain someone ahead of the end of the season. 

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Here's five things we learned from episodes eight and nine of Welcome to Wrexham: 

1. Will Ferrell - Early on in episode eight you see the visit of Will Ferrell to the STok Cae Ras. 

The Hollywood star famed for films such as Step Brothers, Daddy's Home and Anchorman is good friends with co-owner Ryan Reynolds and visted Wrexham to watch the game against Wealdstone. 

He can be seen talking with the players and staff ahead of the game, but was too busy texting Ryan to see Wrexham's first goal!

2. More to life than football - From the laughter of Ferrell in the changing room, the emotions quickly shift as Anthony Forde's story shows there is more to life than football. 

The Irishman, who joined Wrexham in the summer of 2022, spoke about the difficulties he faced at home after his wife Laura was diagnosed with a brain tumor midway through last season. 

Forde took a break from football to support his partner through the diagnosis. 

3. Community effort - As snow and ice hit the UK in March, Wrexham's game against Southend looked in serious doubt due to heavy snowfall and a frozen pitch. 

That was until dozens of volunteers, including Phil Parkinson and Shaun Harvey came together to clear the pitch and ensure the game was played against the odds. 

The Reds went on to win 1-0 in what proved to be a crucial victory. 

4. Tom Brady of football - Foster's arrival at the Racecourse following Rob Lainton's injury was a shock to most at the end of last season. 

The former Watford and Man United keeper joined the Reds for the last seven games of the season in a bid to help get them over the line. 

He was clearly thought of in high regard by Ryan, who labelled him the Tom Brady of football.

5. Peanuts - The arrival of Foster sparked a lot of controversy regarding Wrexham's ability to pay their players hefty sums, something that was picked up on by Ryan. 

But after Foster made clear he was on 'peanuts' during his time in North Wales, it was something the Deadpool star picked up on and seemed to enjoy. 

We all know he was worth those peanuts.