HOLLYWOOD star Hugh Jackman has once again displayed his love for Wrexham AFC in his latest selfies posted to social media.

They eyes of the world have been on the Reds ever since the takeover by actors Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds was completed in February 2021.

And, with that, has come some very famous faces who have attended matches and began to loyally follow the club.

From Will Ferrell to Paul Rudd, you never know who you will see at the STok Cae Ras these days.

One of the more recent celebs to have attended a game at Wrexham's home ground is none other than Hugh Jackman.

The Les Miserables and X-Men star was in attendance for the 23/24 season opener, which sadly ended in a 5-3 defeat to MK Dons.

Now, the Aussie actor has been openly showcasing his support for the club once more.


Jackman took to social media to share pictures of him receiving a haircut and a beard trim.

But, during his trip to the barbers, he also sported a Wrexham AFC hat (below).

The 55-year-old previously confessed his 'love' for Wrexham underneath one of Ryan Reynolds' Instagram posts.

The pair are close friends and regularly share the banter between them to their followers on social media.

Jackman has also previously revealed that, after Reynolds became a co-owner of Wrexham AFC, several of the Reds rival teams approached him to come on as a co-owner - for just £1.

We're just waiting for Ryan's response to his latest selfies now ...