ANOTHER day means another Hollywood star falling in love with Wrexham AFC via social media.

The eyes of the world have been set on the club following the takeover by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney in early 2021.

And that has also attracted some support from some very recognisable names along the way including the likes of Will Ferrell and David Beckham who were both at Wembley for the FA Trophy final last season.

Now, the latest A-lister to confess his love for the club is none other than Hugh Jackman.

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The Australian actor and singer has been the star of the likes of 'Les Miserables', 'Logan' and 'The Greatest Showman' down the years.

But, could we be seeing him in North Wales alongside his Hollywood friends in the near future?

Jackman is evidently a close friend of Ryan's with the two often exchanging some banter via Twitter.

However, it was his reply to an Instagram post of Ryan's which caught the eye earlier today (Wednesday, July 20).

Both Ryan and Wrexham co-owner Rob posted a teaser trailer for their upcoming 'Welcome to Wrexham' documentary which premieres next month.

Having watched it, Jackman replied: "I'm in a puddle of happy tears and covered in chill bumps. I can't wait to watch. I am in love with Wrexham and ... you."

The Leader:

PIC: The exchange between Reynolds and Jackman on Instagram. 

Wrexham AFC themesleves repsonded on Twitter saying 'you love to see it!'.

Nothing seems too far-fetched for the Reds these days!

Who will be the next celeb to fall in love with the club?