A CAIA Park resident has transformed her garden into a spooky spectacle for the enjoyment of her community.

Alexandra Rippon, of Ernest Parry Road, decorates her garden and hands out treats every Halloween, Christmas and Easter - to the delight of children and parents.

Last year, her spooky display saw 400 sweet cones being handed out to local children, as well as her reserve buckets of sweets.

The 53-year-old said: "I love to see happy children, it's just great to see their faces when they come to have a look and see all of the lights.

The Leader:

"I've been doing it for years now, and it's a tradition my dad started when we were kids."

Mrs Rippon said she can't put a number on how many decorations she has. Her collection of decorations grows every year as she always picks something new up.

"I can't help myself," she said.

The Leader: Alexandra RipponAlexandra Rippon (Image: Alexandra Rippon)

"My family aren't interested in Halloween, but my neighbours have children and they enjoy it.

"It's something for the community - the more people that come, the better."

She switched on the lights for the first time on Monday night after six days of setting up.

The Leader:

And this year, Mrs Rippon is hoping to raise funds for Wrexham organisation Yellow and Blue.

Any parents wishing to make donations can give them to her on Halloween night.

She said: "Yellow and Blue helps so many people - with mental health difficulties, homeless, all kinds of things.

"I've been in a situation where they helped me; when I was robbed in town.

"They gave me food and they are such a great place. They are the friendliest people you can meet."