A COMMUNITY hub based in Wrexham has set up a fundraiser to help 'see it through the winter months'.

Peter Humphreys set up Yellow and Blue back in 2017 and it has continued to grow ever since.

It was established with the aim of supporting everyone in the Wrexham community, including children.

One of the many ways it benefits its residents is at Christmas time when it provides food hampers and Christmas presents to struggling families, the isolated and the homeless.

Also based at the hub is Andy's Man Club, which is a hugely important tool for men struggling with their mental health - as one of its members, Darren Barker told us just last month.

Now, as winter comes around, the YAB has made a plea to residents to help support it.

That comes after an application for vital funding to help keep the hub ticking over was recently rejected.

The fundraising page set up by founder Mr Humphreys states: "Hey there, it's been a full 12 months since we last asked for community support, and we need it now more than ever.

"Unfortunately due to two funding bids being rejected which maybe naively we were confident in receiving, we have found ourselves in a position where we are close to closure."


The statement added: "The bids were very time consuming and the decision processes took a long time, so we have been left with very little options at the moment - we had never asked for that amount before from the lottery and the local authority but we have always gone above and beyond for everyone in the community.

"We felt that the time had come to request funding for what we do, and we were really hopeful it would come through. Sadly not. Anyway - we keep going as long as we can!

"It's no secret the amount of people we support, the YaB venue supports and how we react to the current needs of the community. From Andy's Man Club, homeless and temporary housed, veterans, Learning disabilities, mental health and youth.

"Whether that be the individual support, the food larder, the group sessions, the children reduced meals, counselling sessions, IT hub, wellbeing and the endless support we offer throughout the winter. 

"We are unique in what we do, we open when others are shut, we welcome where others close doors and the vibe in YaB is we build longer tables and not higher fences - everyone is equal and asking for help is never frowned upon."

The fundraiser - which can be found here - has so far collected over £1,500 of its £10,000 target.

Mr Humphreys added that the hub's overheads are £3,000 a month without covering wages, and this is what they have been applying for support with.

He added: "The funding bid was in excess of £98,000 for two years with us match funding it with £70,000 through our own cafe and events etc.

"Myself (Pete) will more than happily volunteer to keep going, but others at the hub unfortunately have bills, and they are the core of the support to others, with solid relationships and knowledge in how to help and support others struggling we need to ensure they stay with us.

"We are now working around the clock to secure funding and fundraising to raise £10,000 to see us through the winter months. If we reach that amount we will be ever present, we will be running the Christmas family toys appeal again, we will be doing the Christmas food hampers again, the 12 nights of Christmas for those with learning disabilities and we will be the only open venue in town on Christmas Day with a hot meal and a welcoming face for those who need us.

"We really do not want to end this journey yet - so many people will need our support throughout the winter."