IF you've passed through Caia Park recently, there's a good chance you've come across a home that definitely puts the 'haunted' in house. 

It's hard to miss the house on Ernest Parry Road which has been completely transformed in the spirit of Halloween - completely kitted out with skeletons, witches, ghosts, spiders, and more.

The woman behind this spooky spectacle has revealed what inspired her to turn her garden into something of a local attraction every year.

Alexandra Rippon said: "I've always been into Halloween. My dad brought us up doing different things at Halloween for us when we were kids.

"I've always carried it on for my kids and it just tends to get bigger. I'm trying at the moment to make up 400 sweet cones for trick-or-treaters because last year I made 300 and every one went!"

When asked how long she'd been doing it for, not even Alexandra could put an exact number on the amount of time she's been getting into the spirit.

"Years! I just get a little bit more each year and it tends to get bigger and bigger.

"I've had so many people come and look at my garden and say they want to come back at night when the lights are on as well. I say 'you don't have to ask!' 

"I'm happy for anyone to come and see the garden."

Unfortunately, Alexandra explained last week a group of boys attempted to steal some of her props, but she revealed how she used her surroundings to her advantage to ensure they were unsuccessful.

"About a week ago, a gang of lads tried to rob my props. So I sat in the middle of the garden dressed as a prop with a mask on, half an hour later they came back and bust a skeleton which I had to fix - but I scared him.

"I called the police out, they came within minutes and I scared them too because I was still sat in the garden dressed as a prop!"

She admitted that the best part of the whole spooky season is seeing the faces of children when they come to see: "I love seeing all their faces and how shocked and happy they are, they point out all the different things in the garden. It's amazing seeing all their smiling faces, it really is."