POLICE have conducted speed checks on a main road in Wrexham that has had a number of issues in the last 18 months.

Several concerns have been raised regarding 'anti-social and dangerous driving' on the Llan Y Pwll link road in Wrexham.

This led to North Wales Police's Roads Policing unit deploying drones and unmarked cars in an attempt to deal with the driving issues on the road. 

Several speed checks have taken place, with more having been completed on Thursday (October 12). 

Officers conducted an average speed check at 5pm yesterday, with an average speed of 60mph from 100 cars checked. 


Police confirmed that only one of the 100 motorists was caught speeding during that time. 

A spokesperson for Wrexham Rural Police said: "PC 3590 and PC 2926 have conducted an average speed check tonight at 1700hours, on the Llan Y Pwyll link road, anyone want to hazard a guess at the average speed of 100 cars?

"The average speed was 60mph. For those wondering, we were covert, not enforcing (thats why it's an average). Only one vehicle was speeding."