A FLINTSHIRE MP has called on Welsh Government to allow the local authority to make changes to the 20mph speed limit following residents' concerns. 

Mark Tami, MP for Alyn and Deeside says he has had numerous concerns raised from those against and in favour of the 20mph rollout that was introduced last month. 

As of September 17, the majority of residential roads throughout the country changed from 30mph to 20mph.

The change has been met by anger and frustration with a petition opposing it collecting over 460,000 signatures to date - making it the most signed petition in Senedd history.

Following concerns raised in Flintshire, Mr Tami, alongside Jack Sargeant MS and Carolyn Thomas MS organised a meeting between Flintshire County Council and Welsh Government. 

The Alyn and Deeside MP is hoping that the meeting will result in the local authority having the ability to reverse the speed limits on roads across the county. 

He said: “I have had raised with me many concerns from both sides of the 20mph rollout and I sympathise as I have those very same concerns myself.

"I personally do not agree with a complete reduction in the speed limit across Wales from 30mph to 20mph. I feel that roads that should be changed are those within our housing estates, near schools and hospitals and community facilities etc. Arterial roads and many main roads that join up our communities should have remained at 30mph or whatever they previously were. The exceptions to this being in very limited cases where there is a proven safety issue.


"I have my doubts that there will be no going back on this matter and we should start to work with residents, stakeholders and the local highway authority to identify roads in our communities that may benefit from a 30mph speed limit and put these forward to be assessed against the Welsh Government criteria and changed where possible.

"In the meantime if the Welsh Government are not going to reverse this decision we need to ask them to look again at the exceptions criteria and make modifications that enable local authorities the ability to make those changes which are respectful and acceptable to the majority of people.

"Let’s not forget that I speak with and receive correspondence from people who are also supportive of the 20mph limit changes. We do therefore have to ensure that we find a balance that benefits our communities while not adversely affecting others.”