THE MINISTER  behind the new 20mph limit in Wales will face a no confidence vote next week.

Deputy climate change minister, Lee Waters, is facing the vote - tabled by the Welsh Conversatives - in the Senedd next Wednesday (September 27).

According to the Senedd's website, the Tory motion reads: "To propose that the Senedd has no confidence in the deputy minister for climate change given the record-breaking number of signatories to the petition: 'We want the Welsh Government to rescind and remove the disastrous 20mph law'."

Mr Waters is in charge of the 20mph speed limit for Wales, which came into force on Sunday, September 17.

It is subject to the most signed petition in Senedd history - with 375,000 people having signed it. The petition is calling for the Welsh Government to scrap the new law. 


Mr Waters said in an interview with a BBC Wales podcast that other speeds limits on Welsh roads will also be reviewed

"We are going to look at speeds on other roads because we need to review them in line with the transport strategy," he said. 

"I already have people coming to me saying 'we live in a village and we have a trunk road going through it, why is it 40, it's not safe."

"So we want to look at, in the round, speed limits. As part of that approach we need to look at a different way of doing it and actually if there is an accident blackspot rather than saying let's spend £30m over five years on a carbon intensive road scheme, let's just drop the speed limit. It won't cost us anything and we can do that next week and it'll save lives."