Speed limits have been a major topic of conversation in Wales in recent weeks after the limit on residential roads was lowered to 20mph on Sunday (September 17).

The reduction in the speed limit on residential roads was implemented across Wales to help reduce the number of collisions/injuries on roads and encourage more people to walk and cycle.

Speeding is one of the largest contributing factors to collisions on Welsh roads according to GoSafe - a partnership made up of authorities including the Welsh Government and Wales emergency services.

Not only is speeding dangerous but it can land you with a fine, points on your licence or result in you being disqualified from driving. 

What is the penalty if you get caught speeding?

The minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and three penalty points added to your licence, according to GoSafe.

You could be eligible to attend a Driver Education Course, which will incur a cost, but you will not have penalty points added to your licence.

Drivers eligible for the course are those who respond quickly to the notice of intended prosecution for speeding and who were driving at no more than 10% above the posted speed limit. 

But you are only able to attend one speed awareness course in three years.

If you are caught driving at "seriously excessive speeds" you could be summoned before a Court where penalties can include:

  • Fines
  • Penalty points
  • Disqualification from driving.

For more information about speeding and the penalties incurred, visit the GoSafe website.

Do cyclists have to obey speed limits?

Speed limits implemented for motorists do not apply to cyclists, according to Slater Gordon Lawyers.

Although, the law firm did say, there are various bylaws in place that could impose speed limits on cyclists.

The Department of Transport code of conduct for cyclists also provides guidance for those heading out on a bike.

While it doesn't mention anything about speed limits it does say those looking to travel "quickly" - in excess of 18 mph/30 kph - "should be riding on the road".