A FLINTSHIRE woman was left "traumatised" after being escorted by security from an airport over a passport issue.

Gemma Elliot, from Buckley, said she was at Liverpool John Lennon Airport with family members ahead of a flight to Alicante in Spain.

However, at the gate when her passport was checked for a final time - Gemma was informed she wasn't permitted to board the flight.

This was due to her passport being more than 10 years old, and so was Gemma instead escorted away by security as her husband, sister and nephew all boarded. Her passport doesn't expire for another eight months. 

Gemma was left stranded and had to pay £400 to get an emergency passport. 

Post-Brexit rules mean that European Union countries only allow people in who have passports that are less than 10 years old. 

Gemma said: "Looking back I can genuinely say I think it has traumatised me. I kept it together at the gate to ensure my family still got on the plane so they could still enjoy their holiday as best as they could.

"But the stress and the embarrassment was very overwhelming and I now have anxiety about going to the airport. I’m hoping it will all run smoothly this time around and soon be reunited with my family."


Gemma is hoping to raise awareness of the issue to make sure other people don't go through what she has. 

"The man on the security gate said they are having to offload at least one person a day because of this issue," she said.

"People travelling to Europe need to double check how long they've had their passport. You work all year round to look forward to your holidays and the precious time with your family.

"I’m still so annoyed with myself that I didn’t know about the changes.

"I literally sobbed as the security guard walked me back through passport control."