A man who lost £1k in cash in a Wrexham store managed to get it back, according to the police inspector.

Inspector Luke Hughes confirmed the event in his latest update (Wednesday, August 23).

The man, who had been carrying £1k in cash around the city centre had it returned by staff at an unnamed store.

The Leader: Inspector Luke HughesInspector Luke Hughes (Image: Newsquest/North Wales Police)

The staff were praised for being “so honest” and “amazing” though Inspector Hughes joked that he didn’t want to know why the man had £1k on him in the first place.

He said: “The luckiest man in the world loses £1k in cash in a city centre store, a call is received that staff have found the cash and it has been returned… thank you for being so honest, you're amazing people.

"I don’t want to know why he is walking around with £1k in case…..  I’m sure it's totally legit… maybe he sold a car.”