A FLINTSHIRE-based bus driver has spoken about how he thinks the upcoming 20mph limit will affect service journey times.

On September 17, most 30mph roads in Wales will become 20mph. The scheme has proven hugely controversial, with a 21,000 signature-strong petition in opposition being debated in the Senedd.

Regular users of bus services are worried that journeys are going to be extended significantly because of the new speed limit.

One person said on social media: "It usually takes well over an hour to get from Mold to Chester on the bus. So how long is it going to take on roads that are mostly 20mph? An extra half hour, or more, probably.

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"For those of us who use buses for medical appointments and things like that, how are we supposed to know what bus we're supposed to get which will get us there on time? It's just not been thought through properly."

A Flintshire-based bus driver, wishing to remain anonymous, said: "As a bus driver this ultimately has a severe impact on public transport.

"Our buses sadly don’t react well to doing minimal speeds therefore it will have a significant impact on travel times.

"I’m asking that those of you that rely on public transport that you give yourselves plenty more time than usual to allow for your journey."


He added: "Also this speed restriction will ultimately cause buses to be delayed and possibly cancelled if they get too far behind."

A spokesperson for Arriva Wales said: “Arriva continually reviews our timetables and we plan to monitor our services once this change is implemented.

"We will see what or if any impact it has on our services and adjust journey times if needed.”