Wrexham and Flintshire will not face any bus cuts despite changes in funding.

A Bus Emergency Scheme was put in place by the Welsh Government during the Covid-19 pandemic when passenger numbers plummeted, and funding was recently extended on a temporary basis until June 2023.

Now that has come to an end, fears have been raised over cuts to services.

A spokesperson for Arriva Wales said: “Changes to the way the Welsh Government supports bus services after Covid have resulted in revisions to the Arriva network across North Wales from September 24.

"We've worked with local authorities to minimise the effects of this.

“In some cases, services have been reduced but in others increased to reflect post-Covid changes in demand, timetable changes are also being implemented to improve punctuality with no change to service levels. The full detail of these changes will be published soon.”

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In Wrexham, there will be no cuts but there will be timetable revisions to improve punctuality.

In Flintshire, there will be revisions with Service 3 (Chester to Broughton) running hourly from Monday to Friday, there will however be additional journeys on Service 4 (Chester to Mold).

Arriva confirmed that the changes are not as a result of the 20mph speed limit plans which are set to be put in place across Wales in September.

They added: “These changes have not been brought in as a response to reductions in speed limits, however, Arriva continually reviews our timetables and we plan to monitor our services once this change is implemented.

“We will see what or if any impact it has on our services and adjust journey times if needed.”