A NORTH Wales MS wants to hear from residents of two Flintshire villages over what the Welsh Government's priorities should be for them.

Sam Rowlands MS is urging constituents in Hawarden and Ewloe to have their say.

Mr Rowlands is sending out a survey to all residents living in those areas, asking for their views.

Mr Rowlands said in the leaflet: “Since being elected to represent North Wales in the Welsh Parliament, I have been campaigning to boost investment and bring jobs to Deeside.

"I have been strongly challenging the Welsh Government to take action on the problems facing NHS services in our region, in addition to tackling their policies on introducing 20mph blanket speed limits and hiking the prices of meal deals!"


Mr Rowlands added: “This leaflet is an update on some of the issues I have been working on. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is anything I can help you with.”

Among the issues highlighted in the leaflet is the controversial decision to enforce a blanket 20mph speed limit on 30mph arterial roads.

Mr Rowlands added: “I want to find out what people in Hawarden and Ewloe want to see as priorities for Welsh Government and judging by the initial responses I have already received it is certainly not a blanket 20mph speed limit, with almost 90% of respondents against this and the cancelling of new road building and improvements, which is almost 84%.

“Although it is early days the survey is also showing that an overwhelming number of people, almost 98%, are against expanding the number of Senedd members and almost 80% strongly disagree about increasing the cost of meal deals.

“I would urge all residents to please take the time to complete the survey and help me support what you want in the Welsh Parliament.”