IF you have ever prayed for a Channel 4 Grand Designs-style project, one Flintshire village has the perfect property.

Recently up for sale in Northop Hall is St Mary's Church, situated on a large plot at the centre of the rural community.

Looking after the sale are BA Commercial, and interested parties are advised to email their best and final offers no later than Friday, September 8.

Offers will include an outline of plans for the site, what they want to do with it and proof of funding.


Aerial view of St Marys Church, Northop Hall. Photo: BA Commercial

Aerial view of St Mary's Church, Northop Hall. Photo: BA Commercial


On Village Road and with a price tag of £250,000 for the freehold, the former church and its grounds - which have never been used as a graveyard - have enormous potential.

Built in 1910 in Neo-Norman style construction with slate multi pitched roof, the building itself retains lots of original features, most strikingly its sky-reaching windows.

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St Marys Church, Northop Hall.

St Mary's Church, Northop Hall.


Internally it is set out in a standard church-style plan, consisting of nave, plus vestry with bell tower and access to the bell tower, and it has herringbone woodblock flooring throughout the main body of the church.

The property has mains gas, electricity and water connections and is heated by a gas central heating system.


Organ inside St Marys Church, Northop Hall.

Organ inside St Mary's Church, Northop Hall.


The site offers great potential for residential use, but anyone considering its purchase, should be aware of several covenants on the property.

It is stated that it must not be used for manufacture, distribution or sale of alcohol, religious use, immoral, sacrilegious, offensive or noisy purposes; use for the occult or psychic mediums or weddings.

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St Marys Church, Northop Hall.

St Mary's Church, Northop Hall.


One term that will please neighbours is it cannot be used as a club or any use which may cause nuisance or annoyance to the vendor or the use of any retained land where present.

For those hoping to give the plot a fitting name with a nod to its past, the property must cease to be called St Mary's Church and must not be called by any name that is associated with its use as a church or the dedication 'St Mary'.


Inside St Marys Church, Northop Hall.

Inside St Mary's Church, Northop Hall.


The purchaser must also agree that where the building is unlisted, to give the vendor notice of any proposal to remove where present any stained glass, fonts, altars, organs, bells, wall memorials or plaques from the property. The items must be offered to the vendor who must be given three months from the date of removal to respond and collect the items.

Buyers must not demolish the current building but to seek consent from the Local Authority to convert it to an alternative use.


St Marys Church, Northop Hall.

St Mary's Church, Northop Hall.


The village has a primary school, shop, pub and cricket club, and is close to the A55 North Wales Expressway, making it a much-sought after location.

St Mary's offers a rare opportunity to own a piece of local history, and to breath new life into a much-loved property.

• For more details contact Robbie Clarke at BA Commercial on email at Robbie.Clarke@bacommercial.com or call 07741 320910.