FOLLOWING the ‘clearest ever’ photo of a big cat seen in Britain, we've mapped out all the sightings in Wrexham and Flintshire in the past two years. 

Documentary makers have uncovered a picture of the large panther-like creature in the files of a zoology organisation.

It shows a large muscular black cat lying in long grass in Smallthorne, Staffordshire. The photo was accompanied by a handwritten note dated March 17 - but it is unclear which year it was taken.

Experts say if genuine it is ''probably the best photo of a British big cat that exists''.

Following the discovery, we thought we would map out all the sightings of big cats in Wrexham and Flintshire from the past two years. 

The latest sighting in the area was near Chirk Castle in April of this year, a member of the public claimed she saw the big cat at a caravan park in Chirk a week earlier. 

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The Leader also covered a story in April 2023 of two 'big black cat' sightings in Wrexham around the same time. One was seen in Rossett, while the other was spotted near Wrexham Industrial Estate. 

In January of this year, footsteps were seen in the same woods as where the 'Pontybodkin Puma' has been spotted. 

It is claimed that the big cat, which has been nicknamed, has been caught on CCTV twice. 

In September 2022, a 'large black cat' was spotted by a dog walker in Nercwys Forest. 

During an early morning walk, a member of the public was shocked to find a big cat in the area.

There have also been several other sightings across Flintshire, including in Mostyn, Halkyn and near Moel Famau. 

Have you ever spotted a big cat in Wrexham or Flintshire?