WREXHAM residents have raised concerns about car parking issues on matchdays at the Racecourse.

The Leader recently reported that inspector Luke Hughes, of the Wrexham City policing team, said "robust" action would be taken against people parking "irresponsibly" amid "numerous complaints" from residents.

And readers of the newspaper have voiced their concerns on social media over the issue. 

Nia Jones said: "It’s awful on match days. Cars parked all over the place, the roads are practically blocked, an ambulance or a fire engine has no chance of getting through in an emergency.

"I’d say 99 per cent of residents are supportive of the club, and want it to do well, but there needs to be a long term solution for parking on match days."

Jason Lewis said: "This was common when the club were last successful 40 years ago with crowds of 20,000. Maybe the club could promote a ‘car share’ for fans traveling in from the same locality to help minimise the effect on local parking.

"That aside if you move to near a football stadium that’s had that use for 160 years then you can’t really complain too much, it’s not a daily or nightly occurrence."

Colin Edwards: The authorities should come up with a better solution, then.

"It's only going to get worse with the possibility of another 6,000 when the new stand is up and running, or when the university have their events up and running and people can't use their car parks which has happened before."


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Some of the concerns relate to some fans parking at Wrexham Maelor Hospital on match days.

A nurse working at the Maelor Hospital said: "It’s not just the streets, it’s the hospital, too. Staff in Heddfan end up late for night shifts when there’s evening games as they can’t park, due to inconsiderate fans blocking the car park.

"I myself have had to climb through the back door of my car after a 12-hour shift because people park that close to you. We’ve put cones in spaces to save them for staff and they get out of the cars and move them. It’s not only dangerously blocking emergency vehicles it’s inconsiderate to staff who just want to get to and from work. I go to the matches myself and either go in Glyndwr or get the bus."

The Leader: Inconsiderate parking at Wrexham Maelor Hospital. Inconsiderate parking at Wrexham Maelor Hospital. (Image: User generated content)

Another added: "I work as a Nurse at the Maelor and was nearly late for my shift last night due to the lack of parking at the Maelor. The car park was virtually full, inconsiderate of people."

Jordan Dolan said: "The issue is that there is nowhere near enough parking. I normally travel down a few hours before just to ensure that I can park.

"To make things even more tricky, I can't see anywhere else a car park could realistically be built."

Some people suggested a park and ride service should be introduced. 

Cheryl Vaughan said: "A Park and Ride system is needed on match days now that there are so many supporters attending the games.

"There are plenty of green spaces around Wrexham where cars could be parked for a small sum to renumerate the landowner. I'm sure there are some local bus operators that could be contracted to ferry the fans to and from home games at the Racecourse that would welcome the extra income."