Chez Jules in Chester offers a range of French classics in a cosy relaxed atmosphere. 

The city of Chester is not short of restaurants to satisfy even the pickiest foodie. 

The vast choice of venues to choose from can, at times, make it difficult to pick, however luckily I had strict restrictions on eating options during my visit. 

On Friday, February 11, I went to see the incredible production of Faustus: That Damned Woman at Chester Storeyhouse theatre

With a start time of 7.30pm I needed to find somewhere close to the theatre and stumbled across the prix-fixe menu at Chez Jules. 

The Leader: Inside Chez Jules upstairsInside Chez Jules upstairs (Image: The Leader - Newsquest)

The menu runs from 12pm to 6pm every day offering two courses for £17.95 or three courses for £20.95. 

Entrees included; cream of tomato soup, black pudding, tartiflette, smoked mackerel and apple and fennel salad. 

I chose the smoked mackerel pate which contained a delicious horseradish and creme fraiche accompaniment as well as thin cucumber slices and two pieces of toasted homemade bread. 

The Leader: Smoked mackerel pateSmoked mackerel pate (Image: The Leader - Newsquest)

The flavour of the horseradish and smoked mackerel complimented one another well and the dish was very light and refreshing. 

My friend chose the apple and fennel salad which she also found extremely refreshing and flavourful. 

The Leader: Apple and Fennel saladApple and Fennel salad (Image: The Leader - Newsquest)

The main dishes, titled the 'Plats de resistance', included: Half a rotissere chicken, chicken breast with red wine jus, pork and bacon casserole, seabass fillet or confit new potatoes and leek press. 

After longingly gazing at food travelling across the restaurant I chose the rotissere chicken as it looked perfectly cooked and seasoned. 

Thankfully my eyes didn't deceive me as the chicken was beautifully prepared and very moist. 

The Leader: Demi Poulet RotiDemi Poulet Roti (Image: The Leader - Newsquest)

The chicken was accompanied by fries, aioli and salad. 

Whilst I loved the aioli offered I would have preferred a sauce that I could have drizzled across the chicken such as a gravy or jus. 

However, perhaps I was just jealous of my friend who ordered the Chicken breast which came with new potatoes, sauteed bacon and an amazing red wine jus. 

The Leader: Chicken breastChicken breast (Image: The Leader - Newsquest)

The portions of the main dishes themselves were generous however I was pleasantly surprised that the waiter arrived with a sharing plate of seasonal vegetables and gratin dauphinoise potatoes. 

The potatoes were creamy and decidant and the carrots and snap peas were enjoyable. 

I found the red cabbage slightly too strong in cinnamon flavouring personally, although my friend said it was a perfect balance for her. 

The Leader: Seasonal vegetablesSeasonal vegetables (Image: The Leader - Newsquest)

In a finale to a mouth-watering meal, my friend and I chose the white chocolate and cherry ripple cheesecake and the creme brule to share. 

The creme brulle was exquisitely done, with the caramalised sugar slightly warm from the blow torch and a not too sweet custard below. 

The cheesecake was also enjoyable however the flavours were slightly too subtle for my taste and it would have benefitted from a little more cherry ripple flavouring. 

The Leader: Cheescake and creme bruleCheescake and creme brule (Image: The Leader - Newsquest)

Overall the meal was delicious and excellent value for money.

A discretionary 8.5% service charge was added to the meal which we were informed of by the waitress and advised that it could be removed if we desired. 

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The Leader: Downstairs at Chez JulesDownstairs at Chez Jules (Image: The Leader - Newsquest)

The restaurant itself is set over two levels with downstairs resembling a traditional Parisian brasserie, whilst upstairs provides a perfect cosy venue to enjoy the delicious meal. 

Overall I felt that the prix-fixe menu at Chez Jules provided authentic and enjoyable French cuisine at a reasonable price.