Asia Sensation, 19 King Street,  Mold CH7 1LA  01352 876009

The street food menu at Asia Sensation is the perfect solution to wanting to try everything on the menu. 

Mold is not short of excellent restaurants of varying cuisines, and the takeaway and restaurant Asia Sensation is no exception to the group.

The restaurant is located on King Street, positioned perfectly next to the King Street car park. 

Often I find eating out mid-week a difficult task in finding restaurants that are open, as well as having a decent selection of food on offer. 

After noting on Facebook that Asia Sensation had introduced a new 'Street food' selection on Wednesdays and Thursdays I was keen to try the dishes on offer. 

The street food selection offers a vast range of dishes that are featured on the regular menu however in smaller portion sizes at a lower price. 


Starter dishes start at £3.80 and main dishes start at £7.50. 

As well as offering choices off this special menu, the restaurant maintains its regular dining menu with common Chinese dish favourites. 

Not wanting to stray too far away from what I know I selected the classic Hot and Sour Soup. 

The Leader: Hot and Sour Soup £5.20Hot and Sour Soup £5.20 (Image: The Leader - Newsquest)

I was extremely pleased with this dish as it was full of various fillings such as prawns, tofu, eggs, chicken and vegetables. 

The flavours were well balanced between the spicy and the sweet for me, but for those who shy away from spicy foods, it may be best to avoid this dish. 

The Leader: Asia SensationAsia Sensation (Image: The Leader - Newsquest)

Next up I ordered a few of the dishes from the street food menu including Honey and Chilli Spare ribs, Salt and Pepper Chicken, Chicken Satay Skewers and Vegetables with boiled rice. 

Several friends had shared their high praises of the spare ribs on offer at Asia Sensation therefore I was excited to try this dish for myself. 

The Leader: Spare Ribs (On Full Menu - £8.80)Spare Ribs (On Full Menu - £8.80) (Image: The Leader - Newsquest)

They certainly lived up to their reputation as the meat practically fell off the bone, avoiding the chewiness that can often be the case with spare ribs. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the sauce drizzled over the ribs however this was possibly done too sparingly and the dish could have been a little saucier. 

The chicken skewers were also delicious along with the peanut satay sauce. 

The Leader: Satay chicken skewers (on full menu £8.80)Satay chicken skewers (on full menu £8.80) (Image: The Leader - Newsquest)

I did enjoy the salt and pepper chicken pieces, however, for me, I found this dish a little salty (as is often the case with salt and pepper chicken dishes) while finally, the stir fried vegetables and boiled rice were flavoursome.

The Leader: Vegetable and Rice £7.40Vegetable and Rice £7.40 (Image: The Leader - Newsquest)

A pet peeve of mine when dining with a large group is food coming out cold which was thankfully not the case at Asia Sensation.

Food arrived piping hot and within a fast time frame and staff were extremely amiable. 

In conclusion, Asia Sensation provides sensational flavours, sensational amount of choice and sensational service.