Sushibar, 5 Daniel Owen Precinct, Mold, Flintshire

The only sushi bar in Flintshire now delivers, so I picked up the phone, ordered and tasted for myself. 

Mold sushi bar opened their doors almost one year ago in August of last year.

Owned by partners Craig Gerrard and Sirprai Chiadlaem the takeaway serves a range of Japanese dishes such as sushi, gyoza, bubble teas and other treats. 

The restaurant is located in the Daniel Owen Precinct next to Cravin Bakery, a sweet treat store, which I believe truly is a match made in heaven for after the sushi. 

The Leader: Sushi at Mold Sushi barSushi at Mold Sushi bar

On my mission to find a mid-week treat from Mold that I hadn't tried before - fresh, made to order sushi seemed like the clear choice. 

With initially humble expectations I was pleasantly suprised by the vast range of choices available on the menu!

There were traditional sushi rolls available in salmon, tuna, pork, beef and crispy chicken and vegetable. 

I chose to get a share box which was £19.95 and contained a sample of choices including; Salmon Crunch Roll, Vegetable California Roll, Salmon Nigri, Tuna Nigri and Prawn Nigri. 

The Leader: Share box Mold Sushi BarShare box Mold Sushi Bar

In this platter the various rolls really had difference in flavour, which I find can often be a problem with sushi all tasting similar. 

My favourite was the Salmon Crunch Roll as this had a generous helping of crispy onions on top which helped build the interesting texture. 

The box contained over 24 individual pieces of sushi, however as myself and my friend were very hungry we also ordered some spicy crispy pork rolls. 

The Leader: Spicy crispy pork roll Mold Sushi BarSpicy crispy pork roll Mold Sushi Bar

This came in a pack of 9 pieces for £6.50.

The pork roll sushi was a favourite of mine and my friend's as the sweet and spicy sauce drizzled over the top was especially delicious. 

The sweetness did however overpower the spice in my opinion, although this was easily rectified by adding some wasabi.

Finally we got a portion of chicken gyozas for £5.95. 

The Leader: Gyozas Mold Sushi BarGyozas Mold Sushi Bar

The gyozas were cooked to perfection and even remained hot after travelling back to the house. 

Overall I enjoyed the meal very much and both msyelf and my friend couldn't believe this was the first time we had tried Mold Sushibar. 

The restaurant currently has two seats and a table located outside which could be used by those waiting for their orders or customers enjoying some sushi in the lovely weather. 

The Leader: Mold Sushi BarMold Sushi Bar

Mold Sushi Bar is a great addition to the growing list of delicious restaurants and takeaways available in Flintshire. 

It may be the only sushi bar in Flintshire, but in my opinion the fresh, flavoursome dishes on offer put it amongst the best takeaways in the area.