For the majority of Wrexham fans or residents, last week would have brought an immediate sense of pride in seeing the town become the focus of a worldwide documentary, that feeling will continue the more they see of Welcome to Wrexham. 

The relationship between the football club and the town plays a large part in what the documentary is trying to achieve. 

While it is about the takeover and the fortunes of the football club, aligned with that is a deeper look into the Wrexham community and what the football club means to them. 

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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bring the humour and the Hollywood appeal to the documentary but it is clear that the star focus is the bond between club and community, which the pair reference so much. 

Each episode welcomes a new story of how Wrexham AFC plays a part in the life of a local resident and fan. 

Episodes three and four shed a light on two fans in particular and what the club means to them.

How the club has helped through difficult times, how it gives people something to look forward to, the sense of togetherness as you and 9,000+ other people share the moments of ecstasy and despair on a Saturday afternoon. 

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That is what Welcome to Wrexham is about. 

It is still extremely surreal to think two Hollywood stars decided to choose Wrexham, but as the documentary goes on, that reasoning starts to become more apparent. 

The town/city and football club were in need of a change of fortunes in 2020, shops were closing on the high streets, people were out of work due to covid and Wrexham AFC were fighting in a relegation battle prior to the premature ending of the National League season. 

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That change of fortunes came in the shape of Rob and Ryan, who despite not knowing an awful lot about football put the club and the community first in an attempt to end Wrexham AFC's plight in the National League. 

You get to see the pair go to work on their 'rebuild' as they look to secure a new manager and a number of new signings. 

Episodes three and four of Welcome to Wrexham premiere on Disney+ tomorrow.