The red dragon that once sat on Tesco Roundabout in Wrexham has sold at auction.

Morag the red dragon sculpture has found a new home at an auction with Wingetts, where she sold for £8,000 today (Tuesday, July 19)

The dragon was made by Steve Gillard of Poplars Forge in Hawarden and once guarded Tesco roundabout, having been installed in 2012, and remaining there for over six years.

Morag is around 2.9 metres, or 9ft 6in tall, but when placed on a pedestal she is about 4.4 metres/ 14ft 6in tall. She also has a wingspan of 2.2 metres, or over 7ft.

Wingetts have confirmed that she will be staying in the Wrexham area.

A spokesperson said:  "Fair to say we are delighted it sold, for the vendor and the buyers. We are also proud it will be staying in Wrexham. The buyers wish to stay anonymous for the time being."

Morag was lot 300 in the auction and was estimated to be worth around £8,000.