MOTORISTS have been urged not to throw away money by picking up avoidable speeding fines.

The Leader has reported on the work of Buckley Community Speedwatch many times previously.

Earlier this year Buckley became one of a select number of areas across Wales to trial the implementation of 20mph zones before plans to make it the legal default speed limit on all restricted Welsh roads next year.

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Cllr Arnold Woolley, who leads the group, has reminded drivers that speeding fines add up and could have a significant impact on people's finances - particularly at a time when the cost of living, energy and fuel is increasing.

He said: "I'm trying to forewarn drivers in this area.

"If they keep on ignoring the speed signs, they are going to lose pounds out of their pockets and gain points on their licences.

"We want safe drivers with money in their pockets.

"You don't need these woes added onto the financial woes we already have."