BUCKLEY residents are being driven round the bend by the new 20mph mandatory limit in the town. 

The scheme, which came into effect on February 28, is part of a pilot project run by the Welsh Government and has seen a 20mph limit put in place on all 'unclassified' roads in Buckley, as well as the Mynydd Isa surrounding areas of Drury, Mynydd Isa, New Brighton, Bryn-y-Baal and Alltami.

This is with the exception of the A549 between Wylfa Roundabout and Dirty Mile, Dobshill. But confusingly, some roads included in the scheme, such as Liverpool Road (B5127), are classified.

The Welsh Government said reducing speeds improves road safety and lowers the chances of accidents occurring - with this pilot scheme aimed at supporting the development of a national roll out of 20mph speed limits across Wales.

But the move has caused anger amongst residents in these areas, who claim it is having the opposite effect and has in fact sparked more reckless driving, and road rage. 

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People have been taking to various social media groups to bemoan the new 20mph limit - describing it as "painful", "pathetic" and "ridiculous".

One person took to the Buckley Residents Group to say they were the victim of abuse from other motorists who overtook them on a residential road in Buckley for adhering to the 20mph limit.

"So, at the cost of not getting a speeding ticket, I just got a load of abuse," they said.

Another person said: "We drove up Liverpool Road at 20mph and had a huge queue behind us, including a bus. It’s crazy, not traffic calming but traffic madness."

A further person said they were overtaken by a van and two cars while adhering to the 20mph limit.

They said: "It's extremely dangerous, not to mention car emissions and stress on the gearbox. Now it's an accident waiting to happen. Well done to whoever made that decision, total joke."

Another said they were overtaken three times on a bend, and that they were "overtaken by a cyclist".

A petition calling on the Welsh Government to scrap the scheme has already been set up.

Another person said: "How long before we have a nasty accident in Buckley because a motorist is going to overtake someone endeavouring to stick to 20mph?

"Driving too slowly can cause accidents too. Not everyone who comes into Buckley is going to know about this pilot scheme."

A further commentator added: "I think most people are in favour of this 20mph on estate roads and near schools but on main roads it’s not only an idiotic idea but it’s an accident waiting to happen.

"I personally find it very difficult to drive at 20mph, it doesn’t do my diesel car any good, either."

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People have questioned why a main road, such as Liverpool Road, is subject to the 20mph, especially when Mold Road isn't. 

"What's the difference between these two roads?", a resident asked.

Another said: "Surely if main distributor roads are supposed to stay at 30mph, then that is the main routes out of Buckley, Mynydd Isa and Drury. That would include Liverpool Road, Bannel Lane, Padeswood Road South, Drury Lane, Alltami Road, Chambers Lane, Church Road, Pinfold Lane and Bryn-Y-Baal Road, amongst others."

The World Health Organisation states that the most effective way to improve pedestrian safety is to reduce the speed of vehicles - 50 per cent of casualties on our roads in 2018 occurred on 30mph roads.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) states that 45 per cent of pedestrians get killed when struck by a car going at 30mph or less but only 5 per cent when going at 20mph or less.

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “The evidence is clear, reducing speeds helps to reduce accidents, save lives, particularly amongst children, and helps to improve quality of life in our communities by making room on our streets for safer active travel.”