LEADER readers have largely slammed a decision to make roads in Buckley subject to a 20mph limit. 

The move comes into effect from today (February 28) and is part of a Welsh Government pilot project - with several areas of Wales taking part.

It means all unclassified roads (30mph) within Buckley, Mynydd Isa, Bryn-y-Baal, Alltami and New Brighton will be reduced to 20mph.

This is with the exception of the A549 between Wylfa Roundabout and Dirty Mile, Dobshill. 


It follows figures being published which show half of all road accidents which resulted in injury in 2018 happened in 30mph zones.

New 20mph signs have been erected in recent weeks, and have been covered over with black plastic ahead of the roll out on Monday (February 28). 

But a majority of Leader readers are opposed to the move, saying it will do more harm than good. 

We asked for responses to the measure, and dozens of people voiced their displeasure at it - describing it as "ridiculous", "stupid" and "too slow". 

Michael Roberts, from New Brighton, said: "[It's] A complete waste of time if you cannot implement this with monitoring equipment.

"The 40mph speed limit on the dual carriageway from Mold to New Brighton is being constantly ignored."

He added that money would have been better off spent resurfacing local roads. 

Of the 46 people who responded, all but several disagree with the measure - labelling it a step too far.

Mark White, from Alltami, was one of the few who commented in favour of the move. 

He said: "Hopefully it [Alltami] will be less of a race track from Monday."

Anne Diamond said that instead of making 30mph roads 20mph - 30mph roads should be subject to more signs telling people of the speed limit. 

She described Drury New Road, which isn't subject to 30mph signs but was a 30mph road, as like a "race track most nights".