BUCKLEY councillors have had their say on the area being selected for the 20mph pilot scheme.

With being named as one of the eight pilot areas to trial a default 20mph speed limit on Welsh roads by the Welsh Government, Buckley Town Council expressed their opinions at a recent community council meeting held via Zoom on Tuesday (February 23).

The pilot areas will have a phased start from this summer until the end of the year.

They come ahead of the planned national rollout for April 2023, and will help develop enforcement arrangements and overcome unforeseen issues before the full rollout.

SWT300410C.Buckley High Street Town Centre.

SWT300410C.Buckley High Street Town Centre.

Cllr Richard Jones, welcomed the scheme, describing it as a 'positive' message for the area.

He said: "This pilot scheme will be a benefit to Buckley.

"Despite there being no certainty from the Welsh Government over signage, it's best if this issue goes to public consultation."

Joining the online meeting was Flintshire Council Streetscene officer, Mark Edwards, who said: "This pilot scheme isn't just to reduce emissions and transmissions but it's to encourage children to cycle more."

Cllr David Ellis, welcomed the pilot scheme, citing it as an 'very important' issue.

He said: "Public consultation is an important thing, as it's down to them to decide what they want."

However, some councillors raised concerns over the impact a 20mph speed limit could have on certain roads.

Buckley town sign.

Buckley town sign.

Cllr Richard Jones, said: "I attempted driving 20mph on Jubilee Road, which was quite difficult due to how wide it is."

Buckley Town Mayor, cllr Arnold Woolley, said: "We shouldn't rush into making decisions.

"We need to take the views of the public into consideration, as well as views from bus companies who can help us understand the impact this could have on traffic etc."

Cllr Ian Peters expressed his excitement over Buckley being selected for the pilot scheme.

He said: "We're very fortunate to be even put forward for this scheme, as it's a good thing for safety in Buckley - we should be shouting it from the rooftops."

Cllr Vivienne Blondek also agreed that proposals regarding this scheme should go to public consultation.

However, cllr Carol Ellis stated that more information is needed on how this scheme will be enforced before locations are determined, but agreed that the 20mph speed limit should be enforced outside schools, to give parents confidence in knowing that their children are safe when cycling or walking to school.

All councillors present at the meeting agreed to put their suggestions forward in an email, with reasons for any amendments, which will be forwarded to Flintshire Council today (February 26).