A 56-YEAR old teacher from Llangollen has secured the world MMA title last week after spending years competing in competitions.

On September, 23, Steve Stockdale won the World MMA title in Athens, Greece, after being inspired by his students to start competing again.

Currently a teacher in St Christopher's School in Wrexham, Steve has been doing various Martial Arts for over 30-years and began competing 25-years ago winning various national and international competitions.

He has taught fitness classes in Llangollen for many years, where he now lives, and recently began teaching a kickboxing class in Pentredwr.

Steve said: "Even though I'm now 56, I was persuaded by my students to enter competitions this year and, as a result, have won the British, European and now the World WUMA Kickboxing Championship.

"I was very relieved to be returning home with a first place trophy."


The final and semifinals came down to Steve and two Greek competitors where Steve won the points division by scoring a head kick in the final few seconds.

He believes that kickboxing and fitness are great tools to not only help physical health, but also improve mental health and wellbeing. 

Anyone interested in attending one of his classes can reach Steve on steve.stockdale16@outlook.com