A WREXHAM AFC fan from the states has committed to his first club-inspired tattoo in the town.

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Joe Donahue, 42, has supported the Wrexham squad ever since watching 'Welcome to Wrexham'.

Like many international fans, Joe discovered Wrexham and the club through the Disney+ documentary which aired last year and immediately started keeping up with the games.

It was on his second and most recent trip to Wrexham that Joe finally took the plunge and committed to getting an AFC-inspired tattoo to represent his passion and admiration for the team that has taken the world by storm. 

The design was achieved by Wrexham's very own Dave Griff whose designs have received much well-deserved attention, both locally and internationally.

Dave admits that the Wrexham AFC requests have "gone through the roof" ever since the club's promotion back in April this year, reaching fans such as Joe.

Joe, who is a software engineer, said: "I semi-joked before I came out to Wrexham in April saying that I’d get a Wrexham tattoo if they won the league while I was in Wrexham. Then I started seeing some badge tattoo designs that I really liked.


"So I decided to actually get one. I didn’t have a chance to actually get one while I was over in April so I got one during my most recent trip. Dave designed it and he really is an amazing artist.

"The biggest thing I got from the documentary was just how much energy there is around the team and the games. I started watching the games because I wanted to see where things would go. Even just watching the games it was easy to sense the enthusiasm from the supporters."

Joe has since returned to the states and is excited to continue watching the lads this season, as well as the second season of the documentary.