Concerns have been raised about the quality of the waste collection service in Wrexham after rubbish was left along a road in Coedpoeth.

“I’m absolutely disgusted with the way in which the Council’s waste collection service carry out their duties. I went out earlier and saw rubbish strewn across and along the street, a black bin bag and worryingly a yellow clinical waste bag in the middle of the street exactly where a passing vehicle would drive over it… and they did.

"We are paying ridiculous “Council tax” and rent and expect better service. I am a smoker and the cigarette end I leave is about 6mm in diameter and 15mm long yet if I dare drop this virtually invisible price of rubbish on the floor, I am likely to receive a hefty fine."

"I have complained to the council, told them that a recycling vehicle was on the other end of the street and that perhaps they could contact that crew to pick up the detritus left by their colleagues. The answer I got? “No it will have to be passed to the waste services department”."

Name supplied

The issue has been raised to Wrexham County Borough Council, and a spokesperson said: “We’d encourage anyone who has concerns about their refuse or recycling collection to get in touch with us directly. The easiest way to report issues is via the council website at