A REPEAT-sex offender is to be sentenced after his fifth breath of a court order.

Nkonde Liandisha, of Crescent Close in Wrexham, was produced in custody at Wrexham Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

The 31-year-old admitted that on the previous day (July 2), he breached a criminal behaviour order (CBO) by being in Regent Street, Wrexham.

Prosecutor Rhian Jackson told the court the offence marked Liandisha's fifth breach of the order, which was put in place to prohibit him from entering the city centre between 5pm and 8am daily.

He was spotted in Regent Street by CCTV operators on Tuesday night, which resulted in police being called.

All previous breaches of the order have been "of the same ilk," Ms Jackson said, in that Landisha has been caught in the city centre when he isn't meant to be there.

The court heard why the order was imposed - namely the defendant's previous crimes, including sexual offences committed against females.

He was convicted May 2020 after approaching and kissing a lone female in the early hours of the morning in Wrexham.

A public order offence that year involved his "loitering" outside a gym and making inappropriate comments to members of the public.

And in July 2021, he was in court for an incident in which he grabbed a female, pushed against a wall and sexually touched her.

Liandisha also followed a female, asking her for sex, during that same year.

And in 2022 he sexually assaulted another female by grabbing her arm and grunting at her "in a sexual way."

Ms Jackson told the court the CBO had been imposed to "kerb his behaviour and offending pattern."

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Andrew Holliday, defending, emphasised his client had entered his guilty plea at the earliest opportunity.

Despite that, Mr Holliday accepted that if the court found Liandisha's offending to be "persistent" in nature, the potential punishment could be outside the sentencing powers of the Magistrates Court.

"I have explained that to him," he said.

"And he appreciates the word 'persistent' is certainly coming into clearer focus given the history you have heard."

The Magistrates agreed that the sentence for the crime lay outside their powers and decided to commit Liandisha to the Crown Court.

As such, he was remanded in custody and will be sentenced at Mold Crown Court on Thursday, July 25.