A COMMUNITY Council has launched a new project to help tackle anti-social behaviour in a village plagued by the issue.

An initiative called the #StayOnSide Project has been launched by Cefn Community Council in order to address such matters.

Led by community development officer Andrew Rusco, and supported by LLS Online coaches Ellie Wright, Lilijhana Jones, and Ethan Evans, along with PCSO Lara Shiers, the project aims to engage young people in positive activities while fostering a sense of community belonging and responsibility.

Cefn Mawr has been rocked by a number of ASB incidents over the past few years.

The #StayOnside project is being implemented in collaboration with local organisations such as the LLS Coaching.

It is targeting year 5 and 6 students in four cluster schools within the Cefn Community Council's area: Ysgol Cefn Mawr, Ysgol Rhosymedre, Ysgol Min-Y-Ddol, and Ysgol Acrefair.


One of the primary goals of the #StayOnSide Project is to prevent instances of ASB in the region.

Recent incidents, including vandalism and property damage, have highlighted the need for action.

Trina Nicholls-Smith, Clerk of Cefn Community Council, emphasised the importance of the project in addressing these issues.

She said: "This project is crucial for our community, to engage with the youths in addressing anti-social behaviour, which in turn affects the well-being of our residents. By engaging with young people and providing them with positive outlets, we hope to create a safer and more inclusive environment for everyone."

In addition to addressing ASB, the project aims to establish a girls-only football team in the Cefn Mawr region, where such opportunities are currently lacking.

This initiative aligns with the broader objectives of the project, which include promoting positive behaviours, empowering youth, and fostering community cohesion.

Andrew Ruscoe said: "The #StayOnSide Project is not just about tackling anti-social behaviour; it's about empowering our young people and building a stronger community. 

"By providing mentorship, educational sessions, and engaging activities like football, we aim to instil values of respect, teamwork, and responsibility in the next generation."

The project will incorporate various activities, including educational sessions on ASB, community engagement workshops, and awareness campaigns.

Through partnerships with local schools, businesses, and community leaders, the project seeks to maximise its impact and reach within the community.