STAFF and pupils at a Wrexham primary school are celebrating their positive inspection report.

Estyn inspectors, commissioned by Welsh Government, visited 192-pupil Madras Primary School, Penley in March 2024.

Inspectors completed a series of visits to all classrooms and looked at pupils' books, discussed their work and asked them questions about the school and its daily running. Questionnaires were also submitted by parents, pupils and staff as part of the process.

The report stated: "Madras School is characterised by its wonderfully welcoming and friendly nature that permeates throughout all aspects of the school’s work.

"Pupils are proud of their school and approach their learning experiences with enthusiasm and verve. They are polite and respectful and support each other carefully in keeping with the feeling that the school is a large inclusive family where everyone is given the opportunity to shine. The behaviour of most pupils is exemplary."

It went on to add there is a "strong culture" of safeguarding at the school and, as a result, "pupils enjoy their learning experiences and feel safe at school". 

The provision for developing pupils’ literacy and digital skills is particularly strong and many pupils make rapid progress from a young age. Pupils make good progress in developing their Welsh language skills and are proud of their Welsh culture and heritage.

The report added: "The school’s curriculum is broad and balanced and is underpinned by the school’s strong values and ethos. Teachers plan engaging and interesting experiences that make effective use of the locality and the school’s stimulating learning areas. Teachers ensure that activities proceed at an appropriate pace and they use a good range of probing questions to reinforce pupils’ understanding and encourage deeper thinking."

The school's leadership under headteacher Katie Macey was also praised: "The headteacher is a passionate and conscientious leader. She has high expectations of herself and others and aspires for the best learning experiences for all.

"She is ably supported by a committed team of dedicated and caring staff who strive to ensure that pupils’ well-being and progress are paramount. The governors support the school with wisdom and integrity and have a strong understanding of their duties and obligations.

"Leaders have an appropriate knowledge of the school’s strengths and areas for development. "Governors provide staff with purposeful support and ensure that the school makes good use of its resources.

Following the publication of the report, Ms Macey told the Leader: "I'm very proud and just delighted that our efforts and hard work has been highlighted. 

"The staff work so hard, so do the governors and the community for the school to ensure the children are given the best we've got to offer. 

"I'm just so pleased Estyn has recognised all our work, we're just elated."

There were two recommendations made by inspectors: Ensure that evaluation and improvement processes focus more closely on the impact of the school’s provision on pupils’ learning. As well as to share the best teaching practices to ensure regular opportunities for pupils to develop their independent learning skills fully

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