WREXHAM AFC are being touted to play a Football League match in America, due to their new found fame. 

The Reds have gained a worldwide following since the takeover of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. 

The hit docu-series Welcome to Wrexham has generated a big American following, with the club's popularity continuing to grow.

After achieving back to back promotions to League One, the Reds are now being touted to play the first EFL game abroad.

That's the view of football finance expert Dr Rob Wilson, director of VSI Executive Education. 

Wilson believes that Wrexham, alongside Birmingham City, who are owned by by Tom Wagner’s Knighthead group and the involvement of NFL legend Tom Brady could play the first EFL game abroad. 

The Blues owners have big plans to grow the club's audience, in a similar manner to what Rob and Ryan have done at Wrexham. 


With both clubs having American owners, Wilson suggests that the two sides could face off against each other in New York or San Diego. 

“Wrexham vs Birmingham City is a good bet for the first Football League game to take place abroad,” Wilson told www.olbg.com.

“Reading into some data from the The Customer Lifetime Value Group, they say that there are tens of millions of football supporters in the United States that are undecided on which team to follow. That’s a market of huge significance.

“You've got high profile American investors that have got a celebrity following at both Wrexham and Birmingham City, so having a game in a place like San Diego or New York in an iconic venue could attract fans and definitely work. But Wrexham are of a much higher profile than Birmingham City at the moment."