WREXHAM Council has given people who have set up an "unauthorised development" a deadline to submit an planning application.

Three caravans and three vehicles have pitched up on land off Llyndir Lane in Burton, near Rossett that was previously used for agriculture.

Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead Member for Planning and Public Protection, and a local councillor for the area, said that hedgerows have been removed and that fencing has been erected and hardstanding placed down.

He said: "This unauthorised development is on private land. A Planning Enforcement Officer has visited the site and the landowner has been given 28 days to submit a planning application.

"Failure to do so is likely to result in the issuing of an Enforcement Notice.”


The development has led to anger from local residents. One person took to social media to state: "There's a natural spring that starts just beyond that site and leads to Lavister Brook, and hedges were torn down during nesting season.

"I'm amazed that this has been allowed to take place."

Another added: "Saddens me to walk around Llyndir and see hedgerows ripped out, agricultural land [resurfaced] over and caravans parked on it, absolutely no respect for nature, the environment or planning regulations."