PROPOSALS to close a "vital" children's day care centre in Wrexham remain up in the air. 

Parents of children attending Sparkles Day Care centre in Caia Park were contacted by the Caia Park Partnership last month amid plans to shut down the provision. 

Despite the charities best efforts to provide services to the community through "tough times", the email to parents stated that it was with "great sadness" the partnership planned to close the centre this summer. 

It comes as a result of the financial pressures of Covid and the cost of living crisis. In the email, Sparkles nursery was described as the the largest of the partnership's trading activities, whilst it's been making a loss for several years.

The partnership stated closing Sparkles and relocating their Flying Start provision to other nurseries would make a net saving of £130,000 in the coming year.

Following the proposal, a consultation is underway due to the risk of redundancies, with meetings being held to discuss any ideas to minimise job losses and save the provision.

A spokesperson for the Caia Park Partnership said: "We're currently part way through a formal consultation with staff which has brought some positive options forward.

"We will be able to report on these towards the end of the week of 3rd June."

The potential closure came as a shock to parents in the community, with a petition being set up in a bid to save the site. 

The petition has gained over 250 supporters since being set up two weeks ago, with Sparkles being described as the "only hope" by one parent.

The petition said: "This centre is more than just a childcare facility; it is the lifeline for many families living in one of the most deprived estates in Wales. Without it, countless parents like myself would have to give up our jobs and educational pursuits to care for our children.


"Sparkles Day Care stands alone as the only childcare service on this estate. Given that most residents do not drive, other childcare options are simply inaccessible. For many of us, Sparkles isn't just an option—it's our only hope.

"The potential closure of this essential institution threatens not only my livelihood but also those of many others who rely on its services to maintain employment and pursue education. Without Sparkles, I would never have been able to earn my degree or continue working.

"This petition calls upon local authorities and community leaders in Wrexham to recognize the vital role that Sparkles plays within our community and take immediate action to ensure its survival.

"We cannot afford to lose this indispensable resource that allows us parents not just survive but thrive despite challenging circumstances."

Caia Park Cllr Carrie Harper added:" The announcement from the Caia Park Partnership about the potential closure of Sparkles is a real blow for the community.

"I've heard from residents who have used the nursery and they are very concerned about the impact this will have on child care provision in Caia. We're in an area where many residents don't drive so having access to provision within walking distance is essential"

"Viewing the petition comments it's clear to see this is a much loved nursery and I very much hope a solution can be found."