A PROLIFIC Wrexham burglar who twice smashed his way into a cafe has been jailed. 

Richard Lee Watson, of Bellevue Road, Wrexham, appeared before Caernarfon Crown Court for sentencing on Tuesday (May 14). 

The 34-year-old had previously admitted six counts of non-dwelling burglary - all of which occurred in the Wrexham area. 

Laura Knightly prosecuting, said overnight on February 18 the defendant was seen on CCTV using a bollard to smash the front door of Lot 11 Cafe, before stealing £440 in cash. 

The court heard that on the morning of February 24, a Farmfoods employee arrived at the store and noticed that there was significant damage to the front window of the shop and that cleaning products situated next to it were missing. Watson was captured on CCTV shortly after 1am that day attending the location, walking towards where the window was damaged. 

On March 4, Watson and another man attended Farmfoods. CCTV showed one smashing a window with a brick before the other man stole 24 bottles of conditioner to the value of £96. 

On March 6, the defendant again burgled Lot 11 Cafe - stealing three bottles of rosé wine. The owner found the front door had been smashed. CCTV showed Watson attempting to smash the window with a brick, before kicking in the glass door. 

On March 10 and the early hours of March 11, Watson again attended Farmfoods - smashing a window before stealing children's toys, cleaning products and a pop-up tent to the value of £203.


A member of the public who witnessed the burglary contacted the police. Officers attended and Watson fled, before being found a short time later hiding under a vehicle. CCTV footage showed Watson cycling to and from Farmfoods on at least five occasions, leaving the shop with items under his arm between 6.30pm March 10 and shortly after 1am on March 11.

On March 19, the defendant attended United Carpets and Beds. He was seen on CCTV exiting the shop through a broken window and was arrested on Brook Street shortly after, having stolen £40. 

The court heard that Watson subsequently admitted to committing all the offences in a statement given to police officers during interview. Watson told officers he was sorry for what he had done, and wanted help for his cocaine addiction which fuelled the burglaries. 

The court was told that the total damages caused by the thefts and damages to United Carpets and Beds was £680, £2279 to Farmfoods and £858 to Lot 11 Cafe

Watson had 46 previous convictions for 113 offences, including 43 offences of burglary, theft or dishonesty. 

Alexa Carrier, defending, said Watson's offending was linked to trying to fund his cocaine addiction. She said he wants to use his time in custody to address his drug use.

Judge Timothy Petts said Watson has an "appalling" record of previous offending. The judge said the defendant previously "lacked motivation" to come off drugs, and that he was "sceptical" about Watson's claims to want do so.

He sentenced Watson to 16 months imprisonment.