"Profound concern" has been expressed regarding ongoing issues at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) and their repercussions on patient safety, including tragic and avoidable loss of lives.

For some time, Llais (the independent body dedicated to representing the interests of the people of Wales) has been vocal about the high levels of Prevention of Future Death verdicts associated with BCUHB, underscoring the urgent need for improvement. 

The recent statement from the Cabinet Secretary and her call for the Health Board to enhance its performance are welcomed by Llais.

Geoff Ryall-Harvey, regional director for North Wales Llais, said: “These developments are an example of the critical importance of holding health services accountable while actively supporting their endeavours for improvement. 

"Llais remains committed to gaining the views of patients, using our authority as a Statutory Body to ensure that patients voices are heard by health boards and local authorities, and acted upon.

"It is imperative that BCUHB continues to engage with individuals and communities affected by the services, particularly in North Wales and beyond. 

"Therefore, Llais has requested BCUHB to share their improvement plans, facilitating meaningful involvement of people and communities in the process.”

The organisation has acknowledged the recent initiative by the Chief Executive and Chair of BCUHB to meet with affected families, demonstrating a "willingness to learn and improve from past events." 

Llais has already begun supporting some families in these meetings and has extended an offer of support to all families impacted by these issues.

And while Llais acknowledges and supports the ongoing efforts of the health board, its role as an independent voice for the people of Wales means it will "continue to hold the health board to account."

Individuals seeking support to voice concerns about health or social care services are encouraged to reach out to Llais for assistance.

The Leader: Carol Shillabeer (Image: BCUHB)Carol Shillabeer (Image: BCUHB) (Image: BCUHB)

Carol Shillabeer, Chief Executive, said: “Despite recent progress, I acknowledge that significant improvements are required to ensure that people across North Wales consistently receive the safe and high quality care that they should expect. 

"A comprehensive programme of work is underway to achieve this and we are working closely with Llais to ensure the meaningful involvement of people in our communities in this endeavour.

"I am pleased that Llais has noted our new Board’s commitment to learning from past events in order to drive improvements in care. 

"The number of Prevention of Future Deaths reports being issued in North Wales is above the national average and this underscores the urgent need for improvement. 


"Behind these statistics are people and families who have been deeply affected by failures in the care provided to their loved ones. 

"We acknowledge that contact with families following a death and throughout our investigations process requires significant improvement and we are working to redesign how we approach this work, so that families are involved throughout.

“We value Llais’ key role in advocating on behalf of patients and we will continue to work closely with them as we accelerate our improvement journey.”