A MOLD man who acted "like an idiot" with police and damaged a car door whilst drunk has been sentenced.

Dominic Fitzjohn, of Alyn Street, appeared at Mold Magistrates Court on Friday.

The 23-year-old admitted that on April 17, he damaged the door of a police vehicle.

Shane Maddocks, prosecuting, told the court that at around 2am on the day in question, police attended Fitzjohn's address after reports of a disturbance.

When police attempted to escort him to their vehicle, he struggled and kicked out.

He managed to kick part of the plastic trim on one of the vehicle's doors, Mr Maddocks said, damaging it.

Simon Simmons, defending, said he had seen bodycam footage of the incident and he believed it was "hard to see where the damage was caused."


He explained: "They're trying to get him in the car, he's drunk and he's pressing into the door.

"It looks like loose trim and although he doesn't kick at it, his actions have led to that.

"It's quite sad how he was behaving - drink clearly got the better of him and he apologises for his behaviour.

"He's not working at the moment. He wants to but he can't due to being a passenger in a very nasty car crash and fractured his back.

"He was working in the Amazon warehouse in Deeside but can't now."

Catherine Wantling, Chair of the Magistrates, told the defendant: "You acted like a bit of an idiot that night, I'm sure everyone agrees.

"We don't want a habit to start, do we?"

The Leader:

Fitzjohn received a 12 month conditional discharge for the offence, but Ms Wantling warned him: "You're not scot-free.

"This is a punishment. We're not going to fine you for this but the surcharge is £26.

"You will pay compensation of £100 and costs of £85."