A "BULLY" attacked his partner and her daughter at the pub they ran after an argument about money, a court heard.

Simon Williams, of St Catherine's Close in Flint, appeared for sentence at Mold Crown Court on Thursday morning.

The 56-year-old had been convicted at a previous hearing of two counts of intentional strangulation.

Myles Wilson, prosecuting, told the court the victims in the case were Williams' then partner Lisa Davies and her adult daughter Naomi Hough.

On October 1 last year, Williams and Ms Davies were running and living together at the White Horse pub in Cilcain.

That night, after the pub closed, the offences were captured on CCTV.

Ms Davies was cashing up behind the bar when the defendant unfairly accused her children of "sponging off the pub."

She responded by accusing him of taking money from the premises and told him she'd been advised to go to the police.

Ms Davies then threw the contents of the cash drawer towards the defendant.

He grabbed her by the neck with one hand and pushed her back against the wall.

Ms Davies gagged as Williams held her for some five to ten seconds.

Naomi Hough heard the commotion and came to intervene, but Williams got her in a headlock with his other arm.

For a few seconds, Mr Wilson said, he had hold of both victims around the neck.

When she was released, Ms Davies told her partner to get out, but he refused.

The police were called and he was arrested.

In her statement, read to the court by Mr Wilson, Ms Davies said: "I feel like a prisoner in my own home - I am always looking over my shoulder.

"He is so unpredictable, I really don't know what he's capable of.

"I was with him for 16 years and he was in a lot of debt when I met him. I think I was a cash cow to him.

"He was a bully and I hope never to see him again."

The Leader:

When interviewed, the defendant "minimised his actions, even on being shown the CCTV footage."

Jemma Gordon, defending, made limited submissions to the court.

She said: "Mr Williams wants me to express his apologies and sincere remorse for how he acted.

"He's ashamed of his behaviour.

"He understands Ms Davies doesn't want anything more to do with him."

Ms Gordon asked the court to consider adding a condition to any restraining order to allow her client to contact the victim via solicitors only, in order to make arrangements as to personal belongings and financial matters.


Judge Niclas Parry told the defendant: "This would have been a very frightening incident.

"It was short lived, mercifully. And you were clearly acting out of character. You snapped."

Judge Parry recognised Ms Davies' actions towards her then partner on the night were also out of the ordinary - stating both parties were acting under stress in professional and business terms.

A 12 month custodial sentence was imposed, but it was suspended for 18 months.

Williams must undertake 200 hours of unpaid work and 30 sessions on an accredited programme.

A restraining order of three years was imposed to protect the victims.