Rob McElenney gets to test out his own urinal at the Racecourse that was brought for him by co-chairman Ryan Reynolds.

Wrexham may have suffered a defeat against Grimsby Town, stopping their dreams of a promotion, but one co-owner of the club finally got to try out a birthday present.

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds celebrated Rob McElhenney’s birthday with a personalised urinal which has been waiting for him at the Racecourse since mid-April. The “commemorative urinal” was unveiled by Ryan in a video, who cracked open a bottle of champagne.

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Rob revealed that he had tested out the gift in a Tweet that read: “Took this baby for a test spin and it was magnificent. @VancityReynolds”

Wrexham fan and weather woman Ruth Dodsworth also got in on the action with a Tweet responding to Rob’s reading: “I think mr @RMcElhenney wins with this alone. We’ve not gone down the pan. Let’s flush today away. Go with the flow.”


Ryan also responded on Twitter, saying: "I find the heavy eye contact soothing."


Enjoy Rob, we hope it was worth the wait!