CONCERNS continue to be raised over a "worrying" rat issue in Wrexham. 

In January, the Leader reported that for the past seven months, Cllr Jon Jolley of the Smithfield Ward in Wrexham had been reporting incidents of rats, without any response from the local authority.

Cllr Jolley had complaints and reports from residents on Bertie Road, Benjamin Road, Pont Wen and Colwyn Road most recently, with previous issues appearing along Rivulet Road and Smithfield Road. 

After stating the residents were fed up with the issue, and that they shouldn't be forced to live in a "dangerous or dirty" environment, there was hopes that the issue would be addressed, but that is yet to be the case. 

Three months on and Cllr Jolley is continuing to receive complaints from residents regarding large rats running through bins. 

One resident has even seen a rat climb through their child's bedroom window, while another has reported a nest of rats in the attic of a property.

Residents have also raised concerns after seeing "several hundred rats" on a path near Matalan.

Cllr Jolley said: "I understand that due to our proximity to the river, and previous troubles with waste collection, that my ward has this problem. 

"My frustration is I can raise these issues with departments, but the lack of communication from the departments is really lacklustre.

"I am unable to inform residents what the council is doing, if anything, and that leads to more residents asking me what is going on in the council.

"People are saying they feel like they are forgotten about as long as they get their council tax."

After speaking with the Leader, Cllr Jolley confirmed that he had received a "worrying" update from the council. 

He added: "I have emailed them several times and this is the first response I've had.

"In the response they state that the council no longer operates a pest control team so they cannot take proactive action to control the pests, which is worrying as there are thousands along the river Gwenfro."


A spokesperson for Wrexham Council said: "WCBC does not have a standalone pest control team, so we need complaints reported directly to us in order to take the appropriate action.

"Residents are encouraged to contact the Environmental Health and Housing Standards team direct on 01978 298989 to register a complaint regarding rodents or accumulations of waste on private land.

"Once we have these details, and where necessary we can install bait boxes to establish if there is current rodent activity. In both rodent and waste accumulation cases we also have powers to serve notice under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 and/or the Environmental Protection Act 1990 if we have evidence that indicates offences have been committed.

"For rodent issues on public land/roadways and fly tipping issues on public land and roadways the same contact us number can be used and these complaints will be logged for the Enforcement Services Team at Abbey Road."