A GROUNDBREAKING partnership is helping women escape violence and get home safely.

Personal safety app WalkSafe and Admiral, the UK's largest AGC operator, has proved vital in safeguarding women in Wrexham and now women in the area are being urged to download the free app and use the ‘Safe Spaces’ initiative. 

Many women in Wrexham have sought refuge and help from attacks, including rape and domestic violence.

Since the collaboration launched in June, with ten cases reported  nationwide to police where victims used the 'safe spaces' provided by Admiral and located  them via the WalkSafe Safety App, to escape assault and avoid harassment. 

The innovative and free-to-download app WalkSafe+, founded by Emma Kay, a dedicated advocate for personal safety, empowers users to plan their routes and stay safe while walking outside alone.

Featuring tracking insights from community sources, WalkSafe also offers a unique 'safe-spaces' feature, providing users with the location for a place of refuge in times of distress or danger.

Admiral, with over 230 well-positioned venues across the UK including in  Wrexham, has emerged as a key ally in WalkSafe's mission to enhance public safety.

Through the 'safe-space' initiative, Admiral welcomes anyone seeking refuge while walking alone. 

Moreover, Admiral has undertaken comprehensive training of its staff to effectively assist vulnerable WalkSafe users, ensuring a supportive environment within its premises.

The cases show the vital role played by Admiral's venues as safe spaces in ensuring public safety and in recognition of their outstanding contribution to community safety, Kevin Farnsworth and the Admiral team, part of the Novomatic Group, were honored with the prestigious "High Street Hero Award" in January. 

Admiral Regional Operations Director, Kevin Farnsworth added: “We take our responsibilities as an integral part of the UK's night time economy very seriously and in Wrexham.


"That's why we provide open, well-lit premises with around-the-clock CCTV coverage. It's also why we're incredibly proud to be extending our relationship with WalkSafe for at least another 24 months”

Emma Kay, Founder of WalkSafe, expressed gratitude for the partnership and said: "Admiral's continued work to improve community safety demonstrates how businesses can be an active part in providing ‘safe spaces’ for vulnerable groups.

"These documented cases highlight the tangible impact of our combined efforts in reducing violence against women and girls.”